Management Consulting Services

Our Management Consulting expertise offers services covering the disciplines of Strategy, Process Improvement, Technology and Change Management. Throughout each of these disciplines we also offer Risk Assurance, ensuring that our clients always make informed decisions.

Strategy Consulting:
In today's fast moving business environment, it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day crises, and lose sight of the future. The absence of a vision and the supporting strategy to achieve this vision can lead to a business being reactive. AdvisoryIT assists with business analysis and drives the strategic development process. This entails defining the overall direction (vision, mission, strategic objectives) for the company and its portfolio of businesses; the approach that the company will take to capture specific Value Creating Opportunities; the associated risks and constraints; and the business capabilities required to broadly execute its strategy. Corporate Strategy informs Business Unit Strategies which will, in turn, define the content of the change journey.

Process Consulting:
Business process rests at the centre of all organisations. The process defines the activities that must occur in producing results. A comprehensive process model contains a process map (workflow) with the activities that transform inputs to produce results, along with documentation of the business rules guiding those activities and the activities' performance measures.
  • Model Business Processes
  • Capture Business Rules, Procedures, and Performance
  • Validate Processes and Policies
  • Organize and Maintain Process Information.

Organisation and Change Management:
Change Management is the discipline that ensures organisations and employees meet new and existing performance targets rapidly and effectively. This can be achieved through ensuring that the right management disciplines and processes, organisational structures, cultures, competencies and capabilities for superior human performance are in place, so that goals are achieved and sustained. We assist our clients with:
  • Change Journey Management
  • Organisational Design
  • Human Capital Management
  • Performance Design and Development

Information and Technology Management:
AdvisoryIT provides a complete implementation and support service around the integrated information architecture to deliver accurate, consolidated enterprise information. These services are provided in accordance with our Systems Development Methodology.The main areas of our technology consulting services are centred on:
  • IT Strategy formulation and Implementation
  • Technical Architecture Design
  • IT Operations
  • Application Software implementation